From sports teams to dance companies to school bands, kids across the country all have one thing in common, they need money to participate.

Sponsr connects kids in their community with local businesses by inviting people within their circle of influence (parents, neighbors, family, friends, etc.) to connect with businesses on the Sponsr Platform


Kids always rely on family, friends and neighbors to support them in their activities and hobbies. But what if you could support these kids without forcing yourself to buy another candy bar, or coupon book, or yet another roll of wrapping paper?

Supporters are actually in need of particular services and products. No need to force them to buy products they don’t need. Instead, when invited by teams running a Sponsr Campaign, they can pick from a list of business offerings that they actually need.

Business Sponsr's

Local businesses face the same challenge, increasing sales and growing their business. Many businesses struggle to find effective ways to spend their marketing dollars.

Businesses on the Sponsr platform are introduced to prospective clients through the teams running Sponsr Campaigns.  For every meeting Sponsr’s have with supporters, they in return Sponsr the individual/team that brought them the lead.  Businesses love the Sponsr platform because their marketing dollars actually drive qualified leads and they get to help local teams and organizations achieve their financial goals.

Raise up to 6X more using Sponsr

Teams and organizations who use the Sponsr platform are raising up to 6x more than what they raised using traditional options.

Traditional fundraisers offer very low margins for campaigners.  Sell a bucket of cookie dough, make $4.  You’d have to sell a lot of cookie dough to reach a meaningful benchmark! With Sponsr, connect one support to a local Sponsr and that business will give back $50-$100!  

What's in it for Sponsr? We are a marketing arm for the companies on our platform, we replace their sales team for a separate fee

What do real people say about our Sponsr program?

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is a campaign?
Typically campaigns run for 3 Weeks.

What types of businesses are using Sponsr?
They are local businesses looking to give back to the community! This will be a low pressure, zero obligation, friendly sales meeting. Home services, health care providers, financial services, business offerings and more.

How are the meetings carried out?
Usually via phone or voice call, but for things like home improvement, where someone needs to get a quote, it is in person.

Do you protect our information?
Yes any information will never be sold or put on a cold call list. We have a zero tolerance policy for local businesses if they violate these rules.

How much does the average campaign earn?
It depends on the group, some athletes earn $180 if they only share it a few times, others earn $600 their first week if they share it with at least 30 fans.

How does a new youth group get Sponsr’d?
The online Sponsr application requires a commitment from the team level of effort, engagement and participation. Nothing else. Campaign can be live in less than 7 days.

What is expected from the kids?
Each kid earns their Sponsrship by sharing with at least 30 contacts. They are not required to attend any meetings, sell any products or beg for money.

Who has Sponsr been able to help?
We have funded thousands of youth across Utah. Entire schools, youth service groups, BSA troops, club sports like soccer, volleyball, basketball, rugby, lacrosse, baseball, softball, dance academies, as well as all high school approved activities and clubs.

Quit selling products or begging for donations!

Ready to Start?


Sponsr specializes in helping youth groups raise donations through sponsorship and crowdfunding.

We commit our efforts towards helping youth, throughout the united states, have the financial means to participate in extracurricular activities, whatever that may be.  Everyone deserves a chance to participate and Sponsr’s mission is to make that a reality.