How Sponsr Works

Our program is unique, but it’s also refreshingly simply. Watch the 50-second video on the right to learn more about how Sponsr works and then schedule an intro so we can answer any questions.


Traditional fundraisers burden sports teams, school groups, and youth extracurricular activities.

With Sponsr, teams simply invite their supporters to connect with our businesses, making it easier to raise more funds without begging for money or selling stuff no one wants.


Supporters include friends, family and neighbors.

Instead of selling them more candy bars and coupon books, Sponsr connects your supporters to products and services they actually need with no cost to them.


Businesses give back.

Sponsr helps local businesses tackle the challenge of boosting sales and expanding by connecting them with supporters who are qualified prospects. Businesses only pay for qualified, scheduled prospect meetings.


Sponsr is a more efficient way to raise money.

Teams keep 100% of the donations, which range from $20-$100 per business meeting. Teams using the Sponsr platform are raising up to 6x more than with traditional options.

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We Believe In Sponsorship For All

Every year, the average family spends $8,400 for kids to participate in sports or clubs, but children from low-income families are 3x less likely to play.

Traditional fundraising methods are ineffective, resulting in low donations and limited funds for teams. Sponsr helps teams raise more money by connecting them to local businesses that prefer to invest their marketing budgets into supporting teams and organizations in need.

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Here are some of our most asked questions

How long is a campaign?
Campaigns typically run for 3 Weeks.

What types of businesses are using Sponsr?
The businesses on Sponsr are local businesses looking to give back to the community. We’re adding new businesses all the time, but it includes a variety of home services, health care providers, financial services, business offerings and more.

How are the meetings carried out?
The meetings are usually done via phone call, but for things like home improvement, where someone needs to get a quote the meeting may be in person.

Do you protect our information?
Yes, any information you provide will never be sold or put on a cold call list. We have a zero tolerance policy for local businesses if they violate these rules.

How much does the average campaign earn?
It depends on the group, some athletes earn $180 if they only share it a few times, others earn $600 their first week if they share it with at least 30 fans.

How does a new youth group get Sponsr’d?
The online Sponsr application requires a commitment from the team level of effort, engagement and participation. A new campaign can be live in less than 7 days.

What is expected from the kids?
Each kid earns their Sponsrship by sharing with at least 30 contacts. They are not required to attend any meetings, sell any products, or beg for money.

Who has Sponsr been able to help?
We have funded thousands of youth. Entire schools, youth service groups, BSA troops, club sports like soccer, volleyball, basketball, rugby, lacrosse, baseball, softball, dance academies, as well as high school approved activities and clubs.

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