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Our Sponsrs will donate to the team or organization of your choosing when you schedule AND complete an appointment. If any of our Sponsrs offer a service you are interested in or are in need of, click to make an appointment, select the team or organization you want to support, and then schedule your appointment today!


Voyage Direct Primary Care offers friendly family medical services for an affordable membership. Members benefit from easy access to their own, personal physician through easy, same-day scheduling, 30- to 60-minute relaxed visits, and the ability to text, call, or video chat with their doctor when medical urgencies arise.

Donates $25 for every completed appointment

UShealth advisors logo

Flexible and reliable insurance products that are tailor-made to fit your needs and budget. Our commitment to client satisfaction is second-to-none. Why? Because we want to help you, earn your trust and save you $. Health, Dental or Vision insurance are all part of our portfolio.

Donates $25 for every completed appointment


Dentacor provides a high quality and free benefit to all employees with dental insurance! We come into your office and provide full dental exams and cleanings that only take 20-30 minutes instead of hours when they have to leave the office. Our Dentacor dentists review the X-Rays virtually and provide a full diagnosis and treatment plan to the employee within 24 hours. We also can schedule to go to their homes to provide this same covered benefit to their families! The best part is there is no cost to both the company or employees, we simply bill the insurance. We take care of everything and bring healthy smiles to your employees and their families!

Donates $20-$50 for every completed appointment


Our goal is to meet the energy needs of our customers and provide the best solar solution for your home. We will go over all of your questions, from projected savings estimates to discussing the soar financing and purchase options that will work for you. What’s important to you is important to us, and we are committed to working with you in designing the perfect system to meet your needs.

Donates $75 for every completed appointment

ERCbee Logo

Free Money for qualified business owners. We are the foremost intermountain west experts when it comes to tax credit recovery and government business aid.

Donates $75 for every completed appointment

Keller Williams South Valley Logo

Our real estate team is committed to make your next move an easy one! We care about your family's needs and will be there to help you reach your real estate goals every step of the way. Help you sell your home for top dollar. Get a great deal on your new home purchase. Help you build wealth through real estate investing.

Donates $25 for every completed appointment


Edward Jones Investments empowers those in our community to take their financial wellness by the reins. Through dedicated service, strong work ethic, and a myriad of financial foundational tools, Jake Ritter and Edward Jones will help take your goals to the next level. We help with 401(k)’s, emergency funds, estate planning, and so much more! If you want to improve your financial well-being, reach out to us today so we can help you get there.

Donates $50 for every completed appointment

K2 Business Group Logo

At our heart, K2 Business Group is a firm that specializes in working with business owners to minimize their taxes and and build their wealth.

Donates $25 for every completed appointment


Perk-it specializes in home automation, security systems and audio visual. At perk-it, we won’t sell you a bundled package or require you use a particular device. We’re simply here to help you choose, install, and configure whichever device you prefer. From smart home automation, security systems, home theaters and A/V, and home networking.

Donates $50 for every completed appointment


As your local Insurance agent in Bountiful, UT, I help customers like you identify the insurance coverage that best fits your needs. This process is straightforward and personalized to help make you smarter about insurance. I have the knowledge and experience to help you better understand your coverage options--whether that's auto, home, renters, business insurance and more!

Donates $25 for every completed appointment

Nexa Mortgage

NEXA Mortgage provides home loans for many purposes, and my specialty is a reverse mortgage that returns your equity to you in any of several methods. A reverse mortgage pays off any existing mortgage and allows you to not make any more mortgage payments, which can really help your budget and help other investments grow instead of being used for living expenses. A line of credit is also available for any future needs so you can enjoy life, maintain independence, and maintain full ownership and control of your home.

Donates $75 for every completed appointment


Our certified coaches are here to provide you with the direction, confidence, and motivation you need to achieve the results you want. We use technology to deliver individually optimized workouts for maximum results in minimum time. The Exercise Coach means those long and sweaty cardio workouts aren’t your only option for weight loss anymore.

Donates $50 for every completed appointment

Wilde Real Estate

With a background in remodels and custom homes, our skillset will create solutions for you as you evaluate every possibility. Our HGTV experience is designed to help you create solutions that other buyers are not taking of advantage of. Our team has also built and streamlined solutions like short storage, moving assistance with our moving trucks and many other recourses to make your transition much easier. We have been involved in more than 1500 home transactions, builds and remodel projects in UT. We also specialize in working to grow peoples investment portfolio through our unique real estate investment opportunities.

Donates $50 for every completed appointment


NuWater Technologies has your best interests in mind. Sparkling clear, fresh, beautiful water makes your life beautiful. Not only does our team care about the quality of your water, we care about the quality of your life. We’ve studied what other water softener and filtration companies provide, and we’ve seen both the good and the bad. NuWater Technologies is committed to taking the best and making it better, establishing a standard of excellence in home-water system performance that’s unprecedented, using technology to create the best water possible for you.

Donates $25 for every completed appointment

goosehead insurance

There are hundreds of providers out there, and we've vetted the best. Our obligation is hand selecting only the insurance companies that deserve your business. Goosehead puts the power of information in your hands—no hiding behind celebrity spokespeople or high-dollar productions. We show you policies and prices from only the best companies so you can compare insurance quotes. Names you’ll recognize and others you’ll wish you’d heard of long ago. All spelled out so you have the confidence you’re getting the right coverage at the best price.

Donates $25 for every completed appointment

stratus hr

Support your team with certified HR experts combined with a set of tools for improving employee retention & compliance—like pre-employment screenings, a customized employee handbook, training modules, employee surveys, goals & scorecards, an HR roadmap, turnover metrics, compensation tools, exit interviews, and more.

Donates $75 for every completed appointment

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Life's hard. Insurance shouldn't be. Let's simplify it. It's about time you got rewarded for your health. Tailored to all your needs, find the plan that fits you best.

Donates $25 for every completed appointment

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