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45 Million

kids play sports in the U.S.

Kids need extracurricular activities and are participating in great numbers. The opportunities are abundant, but so are the fees and expenses.


of total income is spent on youth activities

According to Time Magazine, as of 2017, the average American household spends more than 10% of their total income on extracurricular activities for their kids.


less participation from low-income homes

Pay to play is a rapidly growing plague on the youth of America. It impacts sports, performing arts, academic clubs, and more. Low income kids are 3 times less likely to participate.


more returns than any other platform

Supporters don't need to open up their wallets to give money to kids. Sponsr believes that fundraisers should not tax our communities. By raising money for kids through sponsor meetings, supporters take $0.00 out of their wallet while still supporting kids. It's give-back with no kick-back.


of the money raised goes to the kids

Most digital fundraisers take a cut out of money raised to cover operating expenses, leaving teams and participants with anywhere from about 70% to 95% of the money that they raise. Using Sponsr, kids keep 100% of donations that they earn.


more $$$ is raised with Sponsr

With just 14 supporters, a participant could raise over $1,000 for their team! Our fundraising platform makes sure that teams and participants get the most out of their fundraiser.

What do real people say about our sponsorship program?

"We had an incredible experience getting sponsored by Sponsr last summer."

"It is safe and we love supporting the local businesses in our community, We learned really quickly that those who chose to participate earned money rapidly. One player earned over $1200 in two weeks. He came close to covering all of his fees for the whole year."

"Despite being very skeptical of high pressure sales people, I took the in-home meeting. I never in a million years imagined that I would buy solar, but I did and loved the experience."

How does Sponsr work?

Sponsr brings kids and companies in the community together to raise $$$.



Kids do their part by sharing with family, friends and neighbors. By rallying supporters together, they raise money for their activity while earning tokens for rewards and trying to meet campaign goals.



Interested in a home solar installation or buying a new car? By learning about a home service, test-driving a car, and meeting with any of our other sponsors, supporters can raise donations for a youth. No purchases are necessary and 100% of the donations go to the kids.



Sponsr helps kids rally supporters and supporters raise money. Sponsr manages the campaign process and creates relationships with sponsors, making it easy for both kids and sponsors to focus on on more important things.

We Are Sponsr.

Sponsr specializes in helping youth groups raise donations through sponsorship and crowdfunding.

We commit our efforts towards helping youth, throughout the united states, have the financial means to participate in extracurricular activities.