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Sponsr brings kids and companies in the community together to
raise $$$.

Get Sponsr'd Without The Fundraising

Save Time

“Kids do their part by sharing with family, friends and neighbors. By rallying there supporters together, they raise money for their activity while earning tokens for rewards and trying to meet campaign goals.”

No Product Selling

Tired of getting calendars, chocolate bars and cookie dough? With Sponsr, say goodbye to selling unwanted junk.

Free To Use

“We get paid as a marketing arm to the sponsors, Using Sponsrs, kids keep 100% of donations that they earn.”

Support Local Businesses Sponsor Local Youth

Participants — Share

Kids do their part by sharing with family, friends and neighbors

Supporters — Get a Quote

Pick a service and get a quote. By learning about a home service, text driving a car, and meeting with any of our other sponsors.

Businesses — Give Money

Local businesses meet with supporters, & donate $50, $75, $100 for completed meetings


Get a Quote = Donation

How Much Can My Team Earn?

Success Stories

“It was good; definitely a lot better than going door to door trying to sell cookie dough or cards.” – Aleigha Evans, Bonneville High School Girls Lacrosse

“I thought that this was a great idea to earn money. It is hard sometimes to ask people for money but it was much easier to ask them to do something that could potentially be with their time and they don’t have to pay anything.” – Marissa Anderson, Springville High School Track and Field

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