the best way to raise money is Sponsr

Sponsr connects local businesses to 'SPONSR' youth teams and organizations to help cover costs of participation, travel, uniforms, equipment, registration and more!

Save Time, No Selling, easy and free to use

Get Sponsr'd without traditional fundraising

Spend 5 min a day sharing with people in your circle of influence instead of tirelessly knocking doors or begging for money. Unlike other fundraisers, teams using Sponsr keep 100% of the donation! Sponsr is the perfect solution for sports teams, youth clubs, school groups, and local organizations to raise money.

It's a simple process that benefits both local youth teams/organizations and local businesses.

We've Cracked The Fundraising Code!​

Teams Share

Team members do their part by sharing a link with family, friends and neighbors to connect with local businesses...

Supporters connect

Supporters select business services available on the Sponsr platform and schedule a time to meet with the business...

Businesses Sponsr Teams

Local businesses meet with supporters and donate up to $100 or more back to the Team as a Sponsr!

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They Believe In Us

Our Sponsrs believe that being part of the community is not just about business, but about giving back to those they serve which is why they choose to partner with Sponsr. 

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